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Invoicing for AWS expenses takes us away from the things that
makes us money (providing solutions to clients).

Let's face the facts:

Doing it manually is time consuming tedious and generally problematic.

You need solid understanding of the whole AWS billing process, current exchange rates, profit margins and more.

Your team hates the monthly administration job of ensuring all the invoices are correct.

Guestimates might be used which lead to bad data and a time sink for valuable team members.

How much easier would your job be if invoicing clients for their AWS spend was so fast and easy it could almost be considered fun?

  • Invoice clients correctly each month.
  • Breakdown expenses by type.
  • Charge a premium on top of AWS fees.
  • Convert the total into your invoicing currency.
  • Reduce your unbillable time.
  • Generated PDF invoices with a single click.

How It Works?

CloudBill is designed so you and your team can use time in whatever way gives the most benefit to you, your clients and yourself.

All without stress, guestimates, and manual currency conversions.